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Waiting for Genesis AD?

October 23, 2010 1 comment

While your waiting for Genesis AD we thought we would give you something to watch. This video was posted on ijji forums and we thought it was worth a watch. The intro last’s about a minute but once you get past that it’s pretty nice.  Hope you enjoy watching Grove’s frag montage.

There’s also been a few poll’s put up recently that we suggest checking out. Make sure to take a look @ GM_Pocari’s Competitive Game Mode and Player Limit poll and another_view’s Replay System & First Person Spectate poll



everStrive calls it quits?

October 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Shortly after their early DQ round in the IeSF 2010 tournament to Echo7 a member of everStrive posted this on the forums.


Well as some of you may know we are leaving this game. It has been a fun run. The reason we are leaving is because there is only 4 to 5 good teams outta maybe 18 who play this game for competition.

To Defkon good luck in Korea as we decided not to try and maybe beat you guys and hausen end up going to korea. Speedy cant go to korea and we do everything as a team so 1 cant go we said none of us were. To people doubting DefKon against the koreans i think as long as they play as good as they do behind the comps i dont see them losing.

P.S we might comeback if season 2 has a big prize pot. Cyas.

It sucks to see one of the top teams to leave the game but I think its safe to say that we’ll see them return in AVA Season 2.


Link: everStrive’s website

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