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SFWC Info Released!

October 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Check out the SFWC website here

Prize distribution: In total USD 30,000

1st 2nd 3rd 4th
USD10,000 USD8,000 USD5,000 USD3,000
5th-6th 7th-8th MVP
USD1,000 USD500 USD1,000


Confound Gaming CDC Bears
Wayi Spider Team Racpy
STX Soul Amotel
Gama Bears WTT

Confound: A Short History

October 24, 2010 1 comment

SFWC 2010 is finally here and the website has been launched. Next weekend Confound will represent USF in Daegu, Korea to battle it out with 7 other of the worlds best SF teams. This is the third year that the Confound name will be representing USF over-sea’s. Let’s take a look at the previous years Confound line-up’s shall we :p?

Confound SFWC 2008 China

John Park US_coN_s0ju AK-74 BerettaM92F
Vance Emerson US_coN_Epi M4A1 Colt 45
Jonathan Lara US_coN_Ownage M4A1 BerettaM92F
Matt Robertson US_coN_WiKeD M4A1 BerettaM92F
Rylan Bowman US_coN_Goat PSG-1 BerettaM92F

This was the year that Confound first exploded onto the scene and showed itself to be a dominant force in SF. When Epi first created Confound from the start it was a massive success. Beating nearly every team it went against. After experiencing some success the players of Confound jumped around to other clans such as inFate and Depraved before finally settling back down into the Confound name. During the process of switching clan names they also swapped out some players and finalized their roster for the 2008 Nationals. When 08′ Nats came around Confound destroyed every team they went against. It seemed as though no other team in North America could stop them, and going into 2008 SFWC Confound has not yet been beaten in any leagues or tournament matches. Perhaps this was also their greatest weakness?  Their 2008 SFWC run was short lived. Confound lost in group stages and received 7th(Last) place for 2008 SFWC.

Confound SFWC 2009 Taiwan

John Park 1988/6/11 s0ju Rifle AK-74 BerettaM92F Read more…

Confound USF Nationals 2010 Champions

October 16, 2010 1 comment

Confound 2010 Line-up:

  • Whitenamese
  • Cowz
  • the//unknown
  • DaZeD
  • Alt*F4

USF Nat’s 2010 has finally come and gone. Wow can you believe it’s been four years? Congrat’s to Confound for winning 2010 Nat’s. Major props to the//unknown, Whitenamese, and DaZeD for their second time oversea’s repping North America. Good luck boys!