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Confound: A Short History

SFWC 2010 is finally here and the website has been launched. Next weekend Confound will represent USF in Daegu, Korea to battle it out with 7 other of the worlds best SF teams. This is the third year that the Confound name will be representing USF over-sea’s. Let’s take a look at the previous years Confound line-up’s shall we :p?

Confound SFWC 2008 China

John Park US_coN_s0ju AK-74 BerettaM92F
Vance Emerson US_coN_Epi M4A1 Colt 45
Jonathan Lara US_coN_Ownage M4A1 BerettaM92F
Matt Robertson US_coN_WiKeD M4A1 BerettaM92F
Rylan Bowman US_coN_Goat PSG-1 BerettaM92F

This was the year that Confound first exploded onto the scene and showed itself to be a dominant force in SF. When Epi first created Confound from the start it was a massive success. Beating nearly every team it went against. After experiencing some success the players of Confound jumped around to other clans such as inFate and Depraved before finally settling back down into the Confound name. During the process of switching clan names they also swapped out some players and finalized their roster for the 2008 Nationals. When 08′ Nats came around Confound destroyed every team they went against. It seemed as though no other team in North America could stop them, and going into 2008 SFWC Confound has not yet been beaten in any leagues or tournament matches. Perhaps this was also their greatest weakness?  Their 2008 SFWC run was short lived. Confound lost in group stages and received 7th(Last) place for 2008 SFWC.

Confound SFWC 2009 Taiwan

John Park 1988/6/11 s0ju Rifle AK-74 BerettaM92F
Andrew Nguyen 1991/10/31 White Rifle M4A1 BerettaM92F
Jonathan Lara 1992/12/24 Ownage Rifle M4A1 BerettaM92F
Eric Moncada 1993/3/25 DazeD Rifle M4A1 BerettaM92F
Daniel Koo 1988/6/20 Unknown Sniper PSG-1 BerettaM92F

Returning home after a 2008 defeat we saw some of the previous Confound members quit the game or find new teams. But this new Confound line-up was arguably better than the last. A mash-up of Confound/Delirium/Kstyle members this Confound was nothing to fool around with. With high hopes and some previous experience on the international scene Confound was ready. Going through the tournament as the American underdogs they had some major upset’s. Going through the tournament with some explosive play Confound proved to the world that the USA was a force to be dealt with. Ending the tournament with 4th place and taking home 2,000 they had seriously raised the bar for future US teams to come.

[the//unknown’s 1v1 clutch against Korea]

Confound 2010 Korea ( Current)

Andrew Joseph Nguyen October 31, 1991 US_coN.White Assualt M4A1 BerettaM92F
Young Mo Koo June 20, 1988 US_coN.unknown Assualt M4A1 BerettaM92F
Eric Kirklund Moncada March 25, 1993 US_coN.DazeD Assualt M4A1 BerettaM92F
Ramy Abbas Kandil 1993/07/25 US_coN_Alt Assualt PSG-1 BerettaM92F
Sasa Basara Tomasevic 1992/07/25 US_coN_Miak Assualt M4A1 BerettaM92F

Now we meet the current Confound line-up. Trading out s0ju and Ownage for Miak and Alt we’ll see how they do this year. The//unknown also switched from PSG-1 to M4 and allowed AltF4 to snipe. I’m personally expecting about the same performance as last year. I’m sure we’ll all be rooting for them to pull through to first place this year. Good luck to the boys in Korea.

USF – Confound (The Movie)




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